Children of Thomas Dobie and Ann McNicol

Thomas Dobie and Ann McNicol (Anne, Annie or Agnes) had seven children - all born in South Australia. As yet I do not know all of the children of those seven children. If you have any information to contribute please let me know.

Sometime after arriving in Adelaide in 1848 it appears that all or part Thomas Dobie's family moved to Scarsdale in Victoria. It appears that Thomas Dobie sailed from Port Adelaide to Melbourne on the Barque Sea Queen in 1852 He was listed as a passenger in an article appearing in The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.), Thursday 18 March 1852, thanking Captain Wood for the hospitable treatment they received during the voyage.

As their youngest child, James Malcom Dobie was born in South Australia it would suggest that Thomas and Ann may have gone to Scarsdale sometime after 1862. Since their oldest daughter, Catherine Dobie, was married in Victoria it suggests that the move may have been made before 1876.

Apparently Thomas and Ann (Agnes, Anne or Annie) owned or managed the Scarsdale Hotel. For more information about the Scarsdale Hotel please select here

Thomas died 2 May 1882 in Scarsdale, Victoria. Thomas Dobie is buried at the Smythedale Cemetery (Lat: -37.659668, Lon: 143.662003 ). You can see a photo of Thomas Dobie's grave here.

Betty Hansen, a family member who has done extensive research on the Dobie family, reports that James Malcolm was listed at Scarsdale as the hotelier after his father died.

Ann died 28 December 1888 in Brunswick, Victoria. There is an interesting letter written by Ann (Agnes, Anne or Annie) McNicol Dobie to her nephew in Canada which was written some time after Thomas had died (i.e. between 1882 and before 1888).

Children of Thomas and Ann Dobie

Catherine Dobie
Born 23 July 1849 in South Australia
Married 1876 in Victoria
Died 4 July 1918 in South Australia
Comments: Almost 69 years old at time of death. She was married to Frederick Russell Leach. Annie's letter indicates that she had four children "my oldest daughter Kate (Catherine) is married to a Head Teacher and the mother of four fine boys". From a notice placed in The Argus (Melbourne, Vic), Wednesday 10 July 1918 we know that at her time of death she had five children - "Bass, Jim (A.I.F.), Arthur, and Stella, and the late Percy Leach"

Sarah Ann Dobie
Born 2 April 1851 at South Australia
Died 9 Mar 1866 in South Australia
Comments: Almost 15 years of age when she died and was unlikely to have had children.

Matthew Crone Dobie
Born 21 Jun 1853 in Adelaide, South Australia
Married 1880 to Sarah Ann Evans at Everard, South Australia
Died 29 April 1916 at Peterborough South Australia
Comments: Almost 63 years of age at time of death. My line and descendants are well documented but new generation needs updating.

Thomas Alexander Dobie
Born 21 April 1855 at South Australia
Married 11 December 1877 - no children by this marriage
Married 2 October 1894 - had seven children by this marriage
Died 4 October 1924 in Magill, South Australia, Australia
Comments: Was 69 years old at time of death. Descendants well documented.

Agnes Louise Dobie
Born 12 August 1857 in South Australia
Married ??
Died 27 April 1932 in Victoria
Comments: 75 years old at time of death. Records indicate that she was single in 1882 (Annie's Letter). Possibly did not have children.

Mary Peace Dobie
Born 20 June 1859 in South Australia
Married 1921 in Victoria to Edward Hurst
Died 1939 in Victoria
Comments: Records indicate that she was still single in 1882 (Annie's Letter). Possibly did not have children.

James Malcolm Dobie
Born 19 Jan 1862 in South Australia
Married 12 November 1894 to Margaret Robinson in Warragul, Victoria, Australia
Died 12 Mar 1941 in Victoria, Australia
Comments: James Malcolm was listed at Scarsdale as the hotelier after his father died. James Malcolm's father in law owned the Robinson Cordial Company and he went to work for him for a time.


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