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My name is Paul Dobie from Adelaide, South Australia. I am trying to make contact with family members to assist with information that can be used in compiling a comprehensive Dobie family tree.

I am a direct descendant of Thomas Dobie and Ann McNicol (sometimes referred to as MacNicol or McNichol) of Johnsfield, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Thomas and Ann (or Agnes, or Anne, or Annie) sailed from London on the passenger ship the "Poictiers" and arrived in Adelaide, Australia on 13th November, 1848. I have included a brief summary of what is known of Thomas and Ann below.

Summary of Thomas Dobie

Born: 8th June, 1818 at Johnsfield, Dumfriesshire SCOTLAND
Mother: Sarah Crone
Father: Thomas Dobie
Married: Ann McNicol in 1847, Glenorchy, Argyllshire, SCOTLAND
Died: 2nd May, 1882 at Scarsdale, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Cause: Bronchitis
Buried: 4th May, 1882 at Smythesdale General Cemetery, Victoria in Presbyterian Section 3, grave no. 315.

Summary of Ann McNicol

Born: 10th April, 1822 at Barachastlan, Argyll, SCOTLAND
Mother: Catherine MacLellan
Father: Malcolm McNicol
Died: 28th December, 1888 in Brunswick, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Cause: Choleric Diarrhea
Buried: 30th December, 1888 at Melbourne Cemetery, AUSTRALIA.

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Please if you are a relative - or if you have any information about the Dobie family. I would be very pleased to hear from you. To date I have received correspondence from members of the Dobie family in Canada, the Dobie family in USA, the Dobie family in England, the Dobie family in New Zealand, the Dobie family in South Africa and, of course, the Dobie Family in Australia. Although the Dobie name is not so common there are many branches of the Dobie family and all of the connections have not been made. However, all of the Dobies seem to have some connection with Dumfriesshire in Scotland. Assembling the Dobie Family tree is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle just waiting to be completed but I don't have all of the pieces. I know that there are many of you out there working on making connections within your own branch of the Dobie family. If you can contribute some information about your particular branch of the family please contact me. I would be pleased to consider posting any information, with appropriate credits, to this site. If you would like to post a request on this site for specific information about a branch of the Dobie family on this site please let me know. Thank you.

Best Regards

Paul Dobie


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