Death of Matthew Crone Dobie
Death of Mathew Crone Dobie
Death of Matt Crone Dobie

Extract from the "Petersburg Times and Northern Advertiser" dated Friday May 5th
Burnt to Death - On Sunday after-noon word was brought by Mr. E. T. Smith into the town that the caretakers' room at Mr. Pink's slaughter yards was completely burnt out, and that human remains were to be seen in the debris. Mr. Pink, in company with Sgt. Blake and Mr. A. G. Davis J.P., at once drove out to the scene, which is about one and a half miles west of the town.. There they found the room burnt to the ground, and the remains of the caretaker near the door. The origin of the fire is a mystery. The room was built of galvanized iron. The caretaker's name was Mat. Dobie, and he had been in the employ of Mr. Pink for about two years, previous to which he had residence in Blyth. An inquest was held on Monday afternoon by the Coroner (Mr. A. G. Davis). Evidence was given by Dr. H. F. Dunstan, A. T. Pink, Thomas Faulkner, T. E. Smith, and Sgt. Blake. The verdict was that the charred remains found in the debris were those of Matthew Dobie and that there was no direct evidences with regard to cause of death. The widow and family of deceased live at Blyth.
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Matthew was 63 years old when he died in the fire outside of Peterborough (Petersburg) on 29 April 1916. Matthew Crone Dobie was buried on 2 May 1916 in the cemetery at Peterborough, South Australia.

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