The children of Ephriam Weymouth and Ann Matthews were:

Albert Ernest Weymouth.
Ephriam Weymouth born 28th. March 1837, England, married Barbara Thompson.
Elizabeth Jane Jegg Weymouth, baptised 19th. July 1835, Penzance, married Josepth Tonkin.
Henry Mathews Weymouth, born c1839, married Mahalia Rumbelow.
Ann Weymouth born 1843 , married Henry Blackstone Shipard.
Poitiers Adelaide Weymouth born c1848, married Andreas Gustav Wickman.
George Weymouth born 28th. October 1850, Norwood S. A., married Ann Barratt.

Original source of information courtesy of Stuart Weymouth of Fulham Gardens, South Australia (phone 08 83550221)
Corinne Thompson of Melbourne, Victoria

Different sources have reported the name as WEIGHMOUTH? and Ephraim?)
Unclear as to exactly which four children sailed on the Poictiers.


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